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Nineteen years of litigation has created a confusing and complicated procedural history but important nonetheless.  After the initial trial and verdict Exxon began its fight and filed a barrage of post-trial motions that delayed the entry of judgment.  Once the judgment was entered the appellate battle began.  The flowchart depicts the events and court decisions that led to this pivotal point.


Examine the Supreme Court briefs and learn more about the legal arguments.

PDF icon Brief for Petitioners

PDF icon Brief for Petitioners re: interest (July 9, 2008)

PDF icon Brief for Respondents

PDF icon Brief for Respondents re: interest (July 15, 2008)


Read some of the 'friends of the court' briefs. Discover the far reaching concerns of interested parties around the nation.

PDF icon Brief of the State of Alaska

PDF icon Brief of The Alaska Legislative Council, On Behalf of the Alaska State Legislature, and Former Alaska Governors Walter Hickel, Anthony Knowles, Steve Cowper, and William Sheffield

PDF icon Brief of United States Senator Theodore F. Stevens, United States Senator Lisa Murkowski, and United States Representative Don Young

PDF icon Brief of National Congress of American Indians, Alaska Federation of Natives, Alaska Inter-Tribal Council, Indigenous Peoples' Committee on Marine Mammals, and Additional Alaska Native Organizations, Corporations and Tribes

PDF icon Brief of Prince William Sound Regional Citizens' Advisory Council and Cook Inlet Regional Citizens' Advisory Council

PDF icon Brief of State of Maryland and 33 other States

PDF icon Brief of Jean-Michel Cousteau and other Natural and Social Scientists

PDF icon Brief of Sociologists, Psychologists, and Law and Economics Scholars

PDF icon Brief of Ship Masters and Expert Mariners Captains Mitchell Stoller, Joseph Ahlstrom, Roger Johnson, John Scott Merrill, and Tom Trosvig

PDF icon Brief of Experts on Alcohol in the Workplace

PDF icon Brief of Professor Thomas J. Schoenbaum

PDF icon Brief of Professor Arthur R. Miller

PDF icon Brief of Environmental Organizations

PDF icon Brief of The American Association for Justice and Public Justice

PDF icon Brief for The Pacific Coast Federation of Fishermen's Associations and The Institute for Fisheries Resources

PDF icon Brief of The National Fisheries Institute